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These Dreams of You

The outpouring of love and support since my last post has been both overwhelming and greatly appreciated. My intention for sharing was never to receive attention, but to help empower myself and possibly others in the process. In an email … Continue reading

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The Hip-Hop Word Count: A Searchable Rap Almanac

Now that it is widely regarded as a certified institution (and not just a passing phase), hip hop is being taken to new heights. Even Oprah has changed her tune (pun very much intended) about the genre that she so … Continue reading

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Hanaelujah’s 12 Days of Christmas

I preface this entry by acknowledging that during the holiday season one should be more focused on giving than receiving. However, I AM NOT THE ONE! Additionally, I will not be giving anyone anything for Christmas (besides, of course, unconditional … Continue reading

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This documentary by Nayani Thiyagarajah, a woman of Sri Lankan descent, extends the dialogue of shadeism and color discrimination beyond the confines of a single culture. It provides a diverse perspective of the perceptions and stigmas of skin color of … Continue reading

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I’m on a constant search for inspiration. This short film by R+I Creative, gives a refreshing perspective on the power of influence and inspiration. Dope! XOXO hanaelujah

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For (Stuffed) Colored Girls

So some of you will feel some type of way after watching that. I, however, do not. I actually laughed…hard. Though I have yet to see Tyler Perry’s butchering rendition of For Colored Girls (but plan on it), the reviews … Continue reading

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The True Size of Africa

Thanks to Kiss My Black Ads for sharing what can be considered the “mother(land) of all infographics.” I’m no geography buff, but this puts everything in perspective in so many ways. Knowledge is power. XOXO hanaelujah  

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